About Us

Air Veteran Vijay Mukund

About Ambussh

The world is full of dreams. ambussh.com is an effort to make those dreams comes true. This is an effort to write new fashion statement by innovation.

Abhinav Corporation was founded by an Air Veteran Vijay Mukund, who started ambussh.com to create an eco-system of custom apparel. He is an ex-serviceman turned entrepreneur served Indian Air Force for 20 years.

We are intended to empower both Buyer and Seller by providing them a platform where they can fulfil their need in most trustworthy and respectable way. Buyer deserves the best and trustworthy products money can buy and Seller also require opportunity to reach new customers and grow their business with less efforts in respectable way.

Product sourcing is done from genuine and authentic manufacturer and seller. We give users access to virtual shop with genuine and quality products at genuine and affordable cost. All our products are selected by our team with preset benchmark by keeping our customer in mind.

We promise products that meet the highest international standards of quality and processes. We have designed and developed our system to ensure delightful marketing experience for both Buyer and Seller with the best possible communication method and technology.
Our user gets access to well-designed virtual shop, loads of products from trusted suppliers, hassle free payment and shipping facilities. Buyer and seller both can enjoy and get benefited as we take care of all other responsibilities involved.